Body Bliss

Epsom Salt and Essential Oils

Warm bath

Bergamot Oil

Mandarin Oil

Epsom Salt


•Minerals: Magnesium Sulfate

Skin Care: This property of bergamot oil is the reason behind its extensive use in cosmetics and skin care products such as beauty soaps, creams, and lotions. Cicatrisant in bergamot helps heal scars and other marks on the skin. It also makes the distribution of pigments and melanin uniform, resulting in the fading away of marks and an even, attractive skin tone. This essential oil is commonly used to eliminate the unsightly effects of acne, which can leave noticeable scars on the affected areas for many years.

When baby’s asleep and mommy needs a little R&R Epsom Salt baths are my go to. Recently, I have been adding a little essential oils into the bath and it just intensifies the clamming and soothing. Every inhalation is so invigorating…it’s actually quite difficult to loose the steady breath we often find hard to maintain throughout our days because the smell of oils makes it easy to get a rhythm going.Named after the Spring in Surrey where the minerals were first discovered, Epsom salts (chemically known as magnesium sulfate) provide countless benefits to health, both inside and out. The body absorbs much needed magnesium- a mineral that’s important for maintaining healthy bones and detoxifying the body but which many people are deficit in. An Epsom Salt bath is actually suggested three times a week…I’m still working on that. Once a week, accomplished. Phew. That seems hard enough! Yet feels so good. Hey beautiful, what are you waiting for. Enjoy the weekend and dip into a blissful bath. You won’t regret it!


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