Squeeze the Day

All you Need is Lemons

16 oz of warm (not necessarily boiling) water

1 organic lemon (and zest a quarter size ginger)

Squeeze 1 Lemon into your water and enjoy!

Don’t forget to swish or brush teeth afterwards so the acid doesn’t sit on your teeth.


  • Dietary fiber: pectin
  • Minerals: potassium
  • Phytochemicals: citric acid, limonoids
  • Vitamins: C

Did you know that Lemons aid the formation of collagen? I don’t know about you but I’ll twist a lemon or two, any given morning to help with collagen! We all hear about how a hot glass of Lemon Water is super beneficial. But honestly, did you ever really research the beauty benefits of squeezing a little lemon into your water whether it be morning or night! Collagen is rich in amino acids, proline, and lysine. Vitamin C aids the formation of collagen. Though lemons do not contain collagen, lemons that supply protein or provide vitamin C furnish your body with building blocks of this important structural protein.

I personally like drinking a hot glass of water with lemon before bed versus the morning. Something about going to sleep knowing my body is being cleansed from the inside out is just soothing. By sunrise I feel illuminated. Lemon water is such a cleansing way to end each day. A day that may have started off so wonderfully, often times turns into or leads up to many digested toxins; mentally, physically, and or orally. Let’s be real, if only we made Lemon Water when life gave us lemons…we’d all be better off. Seriously! Drinking Lemon Water offers antibacterial and antiviral properties benefiting the skin and the immune system.

By drinking lemon water before bed, it is my genuine belief (and studies show) you can profit from some amazing anti-aging effects! Not to mention you will totally flush your kidneys. I could go on forever about lemons! Just use this a gentle reminder, whether it be to “seize the day” or before you get some “beauty rest” squeeze a lemon! It’s as simple as that:)

Bon Appitit đŸ’‹

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